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Residential & Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

Water coming out of faucets might look clear, but it’s actually filled with minerals that leave spots on dishes, cause premature wear in clothes, put a strain on appliances, and make water taste funny. Apple Plumbing offers home and business owners in the Scottsdale, AZ area various options to help improve water for a healthier environment. Which water treatment solution is right for you?

Water Purification Tank in Scottsdale, AZ

Water Softeners

Water softeners are a plumbing solution that removes calcium and magnesium from water. These minerals make water hard, and hard water has its drawbacks. It limits the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, making clothes feel hard and stiff and requiring more amounts of detergent and soap to be used. It leaves a sticky film on the skin and can leave hair dull. Hard water can also leave deposits on plumbing fixtures and pipes. A water softener installed for appliances removes the minerals to minimize these issues. We’re proud to offer customers standard solutions as well as custom-built systems that address unique water issues. Our highly trained and qualified plumbers can help you choose the product that is right for you and your home.

Whole-House Filters

The most comprehensive water filtration system you can install in your home is a whole-house water filter installed at the point of entry of the main water line. Doing this ensures clean, filtered water throughout your entire plumbing system. The filter reduces contaminants such as iron, sulfur, chlorine, and other minerals from the water supply. Not only will you enjoy safe drinking water, cleaner skin, and softer clothes, but you can reduce the risk of potential plumbing problems when these minerals aren’t present to build up and cause issues.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems are another option for property owners to purify the water from their faucets. Sodium and chlorine are minerals found in local water supplies. Consider this option if you’re looking for a convenient way to enjoy cleaner, filtered water right from your faucet. Our talented plumbers have years of experience in residential water filter installation, and we can help you choose the right product based on your goals.

Find Out Which Water Treatment System Is Right for You

The number of water treatment options available might seem overwhelming, but at Apple Plumbing, we’re committed to ensuring you make the right choice based on your needs and goals. Whether your water issues stem from calcium and magnesium or sodium and chlorine, we’ll review your options and won’t pressure you into purchasing anything more than you need. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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