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Faucet & Fixture Plumbing Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Apple Plumbing offers plumbing fixture and faucet services for homes and businesses in Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas. Our team of qualified and trained technicians can help whether you want to upgrade the look of your bathroom with updated fixtures, repair a leaky faucet in the kitchen, or upgrade the important shutoff valves throughout your home. You can count on reliable services and quality work that our company stands behind. Contact us today to learn more about these services and more.

Sink Faucet in Scottsdale, AZ

Indoor Faucet & Fixture Installation & Repair

A faucet that leaks is more than an annoyance because it will undoubtedly lead to higher utility bills if the problem goes unrepaired. If the leak isn’t in plain sight, it can lead to damage and mold growth if it goes on too long. Even if your faucets and fixtures are in good working order, you may want to replace them with updated or more energy-efficient products. Installing new plumbing fixtures is a reletively inexpensive way to modernize your home and increase its value. Whichever situation you’re in, our team is here to help. We offer:

Installation & Repair

Do you have a leaky kitchen faucet or bathroom fixture? Do you want to update your home with all new modern fixtures?

Angle Stops & Shutoffs

Our team can replace angle stop and shutoff valves around your home. These are the very important shut off's found under sinks, and in behind toilets.

Garbage Disposals

Some food items shouldn't go in the disposal, or maybe a fork or spoon accidentally found its way down the drain. We install, repair, and replace garbage disposals of all kinds.

Ice Maker & Water Dispenser Lines

Many refrigerators these days include an ice maker and water dispenser. Contact us for help installing the water line before you get your new fridge or if you need a solution for your current one.

Laundry Valves

Keep your laundry area dry and reduce accidental flooding with up-to-date laundry valves. We can replace both valves and supply lines for peace of mind.


We offer comprehensive toilet services, including clogs, overflows, leaks, constantly running toilets, flange repair, and gasket replacements.

Shower Valves Behind Walls

Many home owner’s don’t realize that typically a shower handle cannot be replaced without changing out the valve that is behind the wall. We can help determine what can be done!

Plumbing Fixtures & Main Water Service Outside the Home

The main water and sewer lines in and out of your home connect your indoor plumbing and appliances to the water source they need to operate properly and safely discharge wastewater. However, keeping them in check is a critical part of homeownership to avoid potentially expensive damages. We offer repairs and fixture installation to ensure proper function.

Shutoff Valves

A water shutoff valve is a lifesaver in emergencies, so you can stop the water supply until our professionals arrive to repair plumbing issues. Contact us to learn more about where these main water line shutoffs are, if you don’t know, and if they are in proper functioning condition.

Pressure Vacuum Breaker

A PVB ensures that non-potable water (non-drinkable) does not flow back into the home's water supply. This is essential for the health and safety of everyone at a home or commercial property. We install and repair pressure vacuum breakers in all properties.

Pressure Reducing Valves

These regulators are of great importance to ensure that high-pressure water coming from the main line into the home remains at a safe level. High water pressure can damage fixtures and cause severe flooding. To find out if your home has water pressure issues, contact our team for assistance.

Hose Bibs

Whether you're looking to install a new hose bib or have one that continues to drip water even when it's closed, we can offer an affordable solution.

Gas Fixture Valves

If you have accessories and appliances powered by gas connected directly to your home’s gas supply, ask us about shut-off valves. These safety features are perfect for grills, fire pits, outdoor heaters, and more.

Contact Us for Help With Your Home’s Faucets & Fixtures

Plumbing faucets and fixtures are critical in regulating water use in every home and business. Ensuring your property is outfitted with modern, water-efficient products free of leaks and performance issues is essential to conserving energy and reducing utility bills. Contact the professionals at Apple Plumbing in Scottsdale, AZ for plumbing fixture and faucet repair and installation today.

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