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Water Heater Repair or Replacement - Gas, Electric, or TanklessThere is nothing more stressful, or irritating than attempting to take a shower and discovering that you have no hot water. What is this, the dark ages? No one wants an ice-bath! (Except maybe in the summertime). Trust us, we get it, and we are here to help. Apple Plumbing would like to cater to all your residential and commercial water heater needs! 

Whether your previous gas or electric water heater is old, broken, small, or large, Apple Plumbing is here to help, and we've got all the bells and whistles you need to keep your hands clean, baths hot, and showers long. Our plumbers are experienced and professional, capable of taking care of both Electric and Gas water heaters for both your commercial business and for your home. We do business with plenty of water heater suppliers in the valley and install many brands of both Gas and Electric water heaters.

Using high quality, contractor grade units with reliable warranties we work with 30, 40, and 50 gallon electric and gas water heaters. Federal regulations have changed many of the options for larger (60, 75 and 80-gallon tanks) so we would be happy to talk to you about your options.

Electric Hybrid heaters and tankless gas water heaters have become the favorite replacement for those oversized tank heaters of the past. Many commercial settings are moving to tankless water heaters as well, both for efficiency and extra space.

We know what you're thinking: "Is this going to be expensive?" 

New Water HeaterAnd trust us, we get it. After all, Apple Plumbing has been owned and operated by a normal valley family, just like yours, for nearly 25 years. That's why here at Apple Plumbing, we're doing everything we can to make sure that you are delighted with your new Gas, Electric, or Tankless water heater, and to keep the price as low as we can make it. Of course, all of our water heaters come with a manufacturer warranty, to make sure that our work and your new water heater is in top working condition for as long as we can reasonably expect them to. 

Our staff is trained and knowledgeable, ensuring that you are getting exactly what need out of your Gas or Electric water heater. So, maybe you took a bath last night and were dismayed to find that you can't even fill your tub before the faucet spits out ice. Perhaps you're the last to take a shower in the evening, and your current water heater just can't keep up. Worse yet, maybe you backed your car into it, and now it doesn't work. Whatever the reason, and whatever the need, Apple Plumbing wants to be your residential and commercial water heater superhero. 

We can make your showers HOT! What's YOUR superpower? 

Here are some fun facts you may not have known: 
  1. The concept of the water heater has been around since 1868, though it hasn't always been as complicated. The first water heater consisted of a pipe, some cold water, and a gas flame. The cold water ran through the pipe, which was heated by the flame before being dumped into a tub or sink. 
  2. Energy, energy, energy! Your gas or electric water heater will use about 25% of your home's electricity just to heat it! This is why a quality high-efficiency unit is a must!
  3. In most of the United States, unheated water will enter the home at an average of 50 degrees Fahrenheit. During Arizona summers, the temperature reaches up to 80 degrees! Yes, We live in a natural hot water heater! If your water comes hot through your tap, even with the cold faucet on, it might be because of the temperature outside. Our winter visitors are often shocked by this occurrence!
  4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the first area in the United States to have water heaters as a standard in-home feature. 
  5. Rather than individual water heaters, homes in Finland receive their hot water from a central heating plant in the middle of each city! 
  6. Before modern water heaters, homes would heat their water through a pipe loop called a water-back. It was connected to the stove and moved heated water to a separate holding tank. 
  7. In the U.K., water heaters are called multipoint geysers. 
  8. Since the beginning of the century, the water heater industry has gone from having nearly 150 key manufacturers, to only a small handful today. 
  9. Life expectancy of a water heater in AZ is lower than most places. Lifespan averages 6-8 years here in the desert.
  10. By choosing an "energy efficient" water heater, you could cut your home's energy use by 10 to 30 percent! 
  11. Human skin can suffer 3rd-degree burns after just five seconds of exposure to water that is 140 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Make sure you are very careful around your gas or electric water heater! 
  12. In England and other places with older homes, it is common to find sinks with separate taps for hot water and for cold. That's because, in the early days of heated plumbing, hot water came from a separate tank, which could easily be contaminated. That meant heated water was often unsafe to drink, and cold water was kept away from the tank for safety. Not to worry though, your water heater is safe to drink from! (Though who would want to in this heat?) 
  13. Though they are expected to last longer and are more energy efficient, a tankless water heater can cost up to twice as much as traditional gas or electric heater. 
  14. Things like back-to-back showers or multiple loads of laundry can lead to something that industry people refer to as a "cold water sandwich." Meaning that there are multiple layers of hot and cold water built up inside your pipes! 
Got any more water heater fun facts? Having issues with the water heater in your home or office? Contact Apple Plumbing Services for all of your residential and commercial water heater repair and replacement or call (480)425-8282 today!

Apple Plumbing Services for a refreshing change from ordinary services!

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