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Garbage Disposal Repair or ReplacementAs American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, your garbage disposal is probably one of the most often used appliances in your modern home. And you're special for it! Garbage disposal units are almost exclusive to the United States; Other countries just don't seem to have caught up yet! From doing dishes to making dinner, this handy little device is always there to keep your sink from becoming a cesspool of backed up food and gunk. However, we all know that with use comes wear, and with wear comes despair! 

Does your garbage disposal sound like a dinosaur chewing on a car? Does your entire sink vibrate so hard when you turn it on that you're afraid your sink might run away? Or perhaps your garbage disposal is so old; it's leaking water into that precious storage space beneath your counter. No matter what the problem, Apple Plumbing is here to help with all of your garbage disposal needs.

Whether you need to repair, replace, or straight up install a new system, our technicians are experts when it comes to garbage disposal repair, replacement, and installation. We're familiar and experienced with all of the major brands and models, so whether your home has had the same unit for 20 years, or you're ready for a top of the line garbage disposal, we've got you covered. 

The most common garbage disposal installed in residential homes is a 1/2 HP (we tend to carry the Insinkerator brand on our trucks). 3/4 HP and even 1HP units are available upon request. If you do a LOT of cooking and like to toss any and all scraps in the sink, consider a higher horsepower unit to grind up your toughest debris.
Of course, the best way to avoid a reasonably priced disposal repair, or an even higher priced replacement, keeping your garbage disposal safe and intact is the best way to go. Here are a few do's and don'ts when using your garbage disposal unit: 

Do: Run very small pieces of citrus peels through your disposal unit about once a month. This will help clean out the inside and keep your garbage disposal running smoothly. 

Don't: Run your disposal with the water off. This could cause damage to your unit. 

Do: Use COLD water when grinding up vegetables, not hot water. Hot water breaks down the food and could gum up the works inside your unit. 

Don't: Use cold water when rinsing greasy or fatty pans. HOT water is a must when it comes to greasy or gummy items. Let the disposal run for a few minutes (with the hot water flowing) after you've washed a greasy or fatty pan. It safest to dump large amounts of grease in the trash but after washing greasy pans, run lots and lots of hot water. Your garbage disposal might survive, but your drain lines might clog up.

Some more advice: If your dishwasher is backing up into the sink, check your disposal before you call an appliance repairman. Often the backup is caused by a problem with your garbage disposal, not your dishwasher. 

And now... Apple Plumbing presents... WILL IT BLEND?? Garbage Disposal Edition: 

Bottle Caps: - NO! When your disposal sounds like a pack of marbles tumbling in a dryer, ask yourself; "Did I have a party recently?" If the answer is yes, we suggest you grab a flashlight, stay away from that on switch, and take a peek inside your drain. We've found bottle caps, soda pop tops, and even pennies that have been chopped up and tossed around inside garbage disposal units. While the loud sound can be fixed by simply reaching in and removing the un-choppable debris, long exposure could chip and dull the blades inside your disposal, and they could lead to a repair! 

Shot Glasses - NO! Especially if you don't have a dishwasher, double check that all small glassware has been removed from your sink before you activate your garbage disposal. Not only is a shattered glass an attack on your delicate ear drums, but the lifeless remains will be nearly impossible to remove safely, and catastrophic for your disposal unit. A new garbage disposal might be the only cure.

Silverware: - NO! Not only would this be traumatic for your ears and your flatware, nothing will bend your blades out of shape like a fork inside your disposal. This doesn't simply damage your unit, but the spinning blades could turn your fork into a dangerous and destructive projectile! 

Jewelry: - NO!  A song as old as rhyme, a tale as old as time, people have been losing jewelry to the ferocious, hungry beast beneath their sink for as long as plumbing has existed. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the ancient Romans lost their jewelry in the lead piping the lined the streets of Rome. If you're missing a ring, a bracelet, or any other form of metal and diamond adornment, we suggest you check your garbage disposal BEFORE you turn it on. You could damage the ring, the disposal, AND your pride if you don't. 

Play-Doh: - NO! Most of our technicians are parents, too. We get it. Stuff gets where it's not supposed to go, and it wouldn't be the first time we've seen play-doh stuffed inside the piping. Play-doh, Silly Putty, and other such products are not water soluble, and will almost surely clog up your garbage disposal system. 

Vegetables: - YES! Grinding leftover veggies in your disposal unit is A-OK, but make sure to use COLD water when doing so. 

Non-Fatty Food Waste: - YES! Just did the dishes? Drain running slow? Turn that puppy on and watch your sink clear out faster than a stinky elevator. Just be sure to keep the water running. 

Fat and Grease: - YES! Washing a bacon pan will not destroy your garbage disposal, but its important to use a good, fat-cutting dish soap and to run HOT water through your running disposal for a few minutes after use. If you don't, the grease can eventually build up and slow down your machine. 

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