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Replacing water lines can be a huge hassle, especially when it involves digging up your property to reach water lines that aren't close to your Scottsdale home. Fortunately, at Apple Plumbing, we've got you covered with trenchless water line replacement technologies.

We cover the advanced and the basics of trenchless water line repair and replacement. Our certified plumbers can replace any size pipe, all without tearing up your yard. We can replace pipes under your driveway or pavers without digging them up.

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How To Recognize An Invisible Leak

Trenchless main water line replacement and repair is the most cost-effective way to fix your plumbing issues with minimal damage to your property. You'll also save money by not having to repair your hardscape and landscape by digging up your yard.

Saving money is a great feeling, and getting your leaky pipes fixed before they can cause extensive and expensive property damage is critical. If you're not entirely sure your main water line is having issues, here are a few clues that signify you need to call Apple Plumbing immediately:
  • An unusual spike in your water bill is a sure sign something is wrong, and it's most likely a water line leak.
  • A sudden dip in water pressure is a sure sign that the water distributed through your home is uneven, usually from leaking pipes.
  • Discolored water can mean a crack in your pipe system, and dirt and other debris are getting into the water supply.
  • Wet areas that keep appearing in your yard could signify pipes leaking underground that make tiny ponds in the area.
  • Dripping sounds are a glaring sign of water line leaks, but if there are no water taps showing visible signs of drips, then this should be investigated quickly.

Call Apple Plumbing today at (480) 425-8282 for all your pipe replacement work needs if you suspect you have a crack, leak, or bursting pipe.

The Basics Of Trenchless Water Line Replacement

If you have water pipes underground, which most homes do, digging up your landscape has been the only way to replace a damaged pipe. This traditional method comes not just with plumbing repair costs but also landscaping repair costs. The good news is that the trenchless method will help you avoid the costs of repairing your landscape/hardscape.

Experienced plumbers can advise you on the best cutting-edge trenchless technology for your situation. Trenchless techniques will involve either repairing or replacing your damaged water line with only small "potholes" at the source and where the pipe will be replaced, not all through your property.

Trenchless Main Water Line Replacement
While we generally don't use a backhoe, preferring to dig by hand to avoid damaging your yard, this diagram shows the trenchless process.

Apple Plumbing's expert plumbers use a technique called pipe bursting. This is when the new pipe is pulled through while the old pipe is being burst simultaneously to make room for the new line. Conventional methods of water line repair are fine for an easy-to-reach broken water line, but more effective ways for those hard-to-reach pipes are performed by professional Scottsdale plumbers utilizing the advanced technology practices of trenchless water line replacement for all your water pipe replacement and repair needs. What's great about the newly laid pipe is that it has a longer expiration date, which means it'll last for years before succumbing to any damage.

What Is Water Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is also known as "pipe-pulling" because the new replacement pipe is being pulled through the existing pipe that is damaged. When the new pipe is inserted into the old, damaged pipe, it has a bursting head, also called a splitter head, which expands the damaged pipe and causes it to burst. After the new pipe is laid, it's connected to the main plumbing system and ready to go.

Trenchless water line repair with pipe bursting wins over conventional water line repair methods and is one of the most effective methods for your plumbing repairs and replacement needs. Apple plumbing also does trenchless sewer repair, which keeps large holes out of your yard.

There are other plumbing companies around, but there's no need to call any others in the area when it comes to trenchless replacement methods. Reach out to your Scottsdale trenchless water line replacement contractor at Apple Plumbing at (480) 425-8282 today and see what a great deal we are for all your plumbing needs.

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