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Down through the Chimney comes Apple Plumbing!

by Apple Plumbing Services • December, 19, 2019
Give me a faucet that won’t leak. One that will turn off and on without a peep. Ho, Ho, Ho! My faucets a mess! more...

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Garbage Disposals & Turkey bones for the Holidays

by Apple Plumbing Services • November, 27, 2019
Disposals typically work so well at crushing just about everything that we throw at it. Make no bones about it, the carcass goes in the trash. more...

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Calcium + Magnesium = Hard Water

by Apple Plumbing Services • October, 24, 2019
Compared to the amount of salt a water softener adds, it's negligible compared to the amount of salt that you can find in a diet soda. more...

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Boats are for Recreation, not for floating from one room to the next!

by Apple Plumbing Services • September, 26, 2019
Strong sewage smells emitting from your bathroom and multiple fixtures backing up could be a sign you have a mainline issue. more...

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There’s a Man Outside my Kitchen Window with a Jackhammer!

by Apple Plumbing Services • August, 29, 2019
There are several items that should never be put down the disposal, of course one of them is little men with jackhammers. more...

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Apple Plumbing Services knows all about “but’s”!

by Apple Plumbing Services • July, 25, 2019
Nothing worse than hiring a plumber to come out and they can't seem to fix the problem. more...

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Our Very First, Crappy Blog Post!

by Apple Plumbing Services • May, 23, 2019
The inventor of the flushing toilet is John Harrington. He invented the toilet in 1596. Thus the nickname “the John.” more...

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