To Shower in cold water or not to Shower, that is the Question!

by Apple Plumbing Services • February 20, 2020
Nothing worse than a cold showerIt goes without saying that no one in Scottsdale, even on the hottest day, enjoys a cold shower.

A water heater is our silent friend. They quietly provide hot water to wash our hands, dishes, and clothes.

Who doesn't look forward to that hot, steamy shower after a long day at work?

When the water heater stops delivering hot water our lives are suddenly left with, well, cold water.

To ensure that you never face a cold shower we’ve compiled a list of signs that you may need a new water heater.
  • Is your water heater leaking?

    As we all know leaks aren’t good. If your water heater is leaking or water is puddling around your water heater, it may be a sign that the inner tank has reached its end of life.
  • My Plumber & I are on a first-name basis

    If you call your plumber and they immediately know who’s calling, it may be time to think about replacing your water heater. Continually repairing it is a sure sign that serious problems are on the horizon.
  • Did you hear that?

    Are you hearing loud cracks and pops from an otherwise silent appliance? This may be an indication of mineral build-up between the heating element and the inside heater.
  • Is your water heater supporting just you or a family of five?

    It doesn’t take a genius to know that a water heater works harder for a family of five versus one. The harder it has to work to produce hot water, the shorter the lifespan.
  • Why is the water warm & not hot?

    When you turn on the bath and you get warm water instead of hot, this can be an indication that your heating element is burning out.
  • What’s that smell?

    When you turn on your water does it have a metallic smell? If so this could be a sign that grit and flakes from the inner tank are combining with your water. It’s time to call a plumber.
  • My water looks funny!

    Muddy or sandy water is a sign that sediment is building up in your tank. You should drain your tank at least once a year to remove sediment from your water heater. If you’ve been a faithful drainer and your water still appears to have debris in it, it’s time to call a plumber.
  • A cold shower or no shower?

    It’s Monday morning and you turn on the shower to ready for the day and all you get is cold water. Step back from the coffee and call a plumber. It could be as simple as the pilot light is out or the circuit breaker has tripped. On the other hand, your water heater could have reached the end of its life.
  • My hot water is a pretty rust color

    When you turn on your hot water and what is usually clear is now a rusty color, it may be time to replace your water heater.
  • Is age really just a state of mind?

    Did you know that most water heaters last between 10-15 years? If you don’t remember the last time you replaced your water heater, you may want to consider replacing it.

Technology & Water Heaters

As with everything else technology has reached the plumbing industry. With the advent of electric hybrid heaters and tankless gas heaters, you have more choices when it comes time to replace your water heater.

Did you know that your gas or electric water heater will use about 25% of your home's electricity just to heat it? What better reason to consider a quality high-efficiency unit.
  • Electric Hybrid Heaters

    Hybrid water heaters move the hot air in the water tank when needed instead of heating the water on demand. With a life span of 13 to 15 years, they consume 60% less electricity than a conventional water heater lowering your energy bills.
  • Tankless Gas water Heaters

    Tankless water heaters only heat water when you turn on the faucet. An energy saver, they eliminate the cost of keeping 30-50 gallons of water hot. Tankless water heaters also waste less water.

We put the “H” in hot water

At Apple Plumbing Services, our team of plumbers has been repairing and installing hot water heaters in homes and businesses for over 35 years.
Whether your previous gas or electric water heater is old, broken, small, or large, our plumbers are experienced and capable of taking care of both Electric and Gas water heaters for both your commercial business and for your home.
Electric Hybrid heaters and tankless gas water heaters have become the favorite replacement for those oversized tank heaters of the past. Many commercial settings are moving to tankless water heaters as well, both for efficiency and extra space.
Diligently working to keep the price as low as we can, our water heaters come with a manufacturer warranty, to make sure that our work and your new water heater is in top working condition for as long as we can reasonably expect them to.
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