Should I Shut off my Water when I go on Vacation?

by Apple Plumbing Services • June 25, 2020
Water line leakVacations are a great time to escape and rewind, now more than ever.

Of course, with vacations comes planning your flight or route, packing and stopping your mail among numerous other things.
Ensuring that home is safe while you're away is equally essential, and that includes turning off the water inside your home.

Preventing Water Damage with a "Vacation Valve"

Wouldn't it be awful to come home from a relaxing vacation to water damage from a burst pipe? Trust us when we say it can and does happen.

Apple Plumbing Services can help eliminate the worry of returning to water damage with what we've coined a "Vacation Valve."

Our Vacation Valve is simply the main shutoff valve that allows you to control the water inside your home while leaving the outside landscaping and pool filler lines on. Your plants, trees, and shrubs will get the water needed to survive our hot Arizona desert climate while you're away.

Shutting off the water inside your Home

A shut off valve controls the flow of water to your plumbing fixtures such as your toilet, tub, and sink. Each shutoff valve controls each particular fixture. The main shut off valve controls the water to your entire house and outside equipment.

By adding the main water shut off valve, the water inside your home is controlled independently from the outside. A separate shutoff valve then controls the water to the exterior of your home, thus keeping your plants happy while you are gone.

Does My Water Need to be Shut Off to Install a Main Shut Off?

Installing the valve is not a one size fits all project, how the pipes in your home run will determine where the valve is installed. Installing it outside is the most common scenario. However, another option is to check your incoming lines and possibly add the valve in your garage.

When installing a vacation (main shutoff) valve, your water is shut off for a short amount of time to install the valve.

Preventing disasters while you are away

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Taking extra steps to prevent a fire and water damage while you're away will ensure a truly relaxing vacation.

Apple Plumbing Emergency Plumbing Services

As a family-run plumbing business, we put your family and businesses first. Our simple motto is, "Take care of the customer." It's not about selling you more or doing unnecessary work; it's about taking care of your problem, period.
Our plumbers have families of their own and know how they would want to be treated. It's important to us that when a plumber walks into your home or office, you feel comfortable. Our plumber will quote the price upfront and do only the work that you need.
 We offer emergency plumbing repair for the following cities. 
  • Chandler, AZ
  • Gilbert, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Tempe, AZ
When you're ready to go on vacation, Contact Apple Plumbing Services to learn more about our "Vacation Valve" at (480) 425-8282 to schedule an appointment today.
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