Leaky Main Water Line? We Can Fix It Without Digging Up The Yard

by Apple Plumbing • May 27, 2022

Those of you who’ve never seen the movie Caddyshack (yes, both of you) might not be aware of the serious ramifications of having “varmints” dig up your lawn or golf course.

Gopher at Work
There’s the high cost of repairing the landscaping, and there’s the general unsightly nature of having your yard in a dug-up state, and there’s even the dreadful damage to your psyche, your reputation, and your sense of well-being.
As far as we know, no one has actually died from the horrors of having a dug-up yard.  But science, and the Law Of Averages, tells us that it’s probably only a matter of time.
We do know, though, that it’s a major pain in the downtown business district to have to repair a yard that’s been dug up – either by varmints (even cute ones), or by a plumber who couldn’t figure out any better way to repair your main water line leak than to apply a giant backhoe to the better portion of your county.
Not only is the plumbing job itself more expensive when a major amount of digging is involved (some estimates put the cost somewhere around OUCH) – at the end of the nightma- er, I mean, project – you have to pay somewhere around UGH to get the landscaping repaired.

We Can Fix Your Water Line Leak…

… WITHOUT digging up the neighborhood.
Yes, at Apple Plumbing Services, we employ crackerjack Scottsdale plumbers who are wise in the ways of the basics – and the advanced scientific theories and methodologies – of Trenchless Water Line Repair.

Trenchless Water Line Repair

You heard (heard?) that right. Wherever your main water line is leaking – under that puddle in the front yard, or under the driveway – we don’t have to dig a massive trench to fix the problem.
If any digging is needed, we do that digging by hand, making sure to create as small a “pothole” (and as little damage) as possible in your yard.
We can also pull the new pipe through the old one, using a technique leading plumbing researchers call “bursting,” and hook that new pipe up to your home’s system, bada bing, bada boom.
No expensive, ugly, and disheartening trench!
And that new pipe will last a lot longer than the old pipe did, what with the advances that have been made in pipe technology.
… If Your Main Water Line Needs Professional Help…
… If your water bill has mysteriously increased…
… If you notice a puddle in the yard that won’t go away…
… If you’ve lost water pressure…
… If your water is discolored and/or icky, or…
… If you keep hearing a constant dripping sound, and you’re pretty sure it isn’t some sinister form of water torture being perpetrated by a terrorist, a dysfunctional neighbor, or a rebellious teenager…
… Your friendly Scottsdale plumbers from Apple Plumbing Services can help you.  And we can do it without turning your property into something that looks like a World War I battlefield.
Dig this: We don’t need to dig up your yard.  Call the professional Scottsdale plumbers at Apple Plumbing Services, and ask about trenchless water line repair or replacement.  Your water line will be restored to proper working order, and you won’t end up in the hole, financially speaking.  (We do trenchless sewer line repair, too!)

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