If Toilets could talk what would yours say?

by Apple Plumbing Services • January 16, 2020
Telephone swirling in a toiletHappy New Year from all of us at Apple Plumbing Services!
Although the holidays are over we’ve heard over and over again, I’m so glad that they are over. We are betting if your toilet could talk it would be saying, you think you’re glad?
The constant flushing from countless family gatherings not only took a toll on your water bill, but your toilet was also pushed into overdrive.
Did you know that toilets are the largest water consumers in an American household as they account for almost 30% of the water usage in our homes? Add guests to the equation and we’re pretty sure it may be more like 40% over the holiday season.

In Dog Years your Toilet is how old?

If you’ve owned a dog you’ve probably heard that one year for Fido equals seven human years. It got us to thinking, has anyone ever calculated toilet years?
On average the life expectancy of a toilet ten to fifteen years. With the things that it sees, perhaps estimating seven human years for every year it’s in service would seriously be underestimating its age.

How do I know if my Toilet needs to be replaced?

Ok, so toilets are telling you something when they go on the fritz. If your toilet is speaking clogs, leaking water or not refilling, we encourage you to listen.
  • My toilet runs constantly even though I didn’t flush

    In some cases, you may be able to jiggle the flapper valve to make it close properly. If however, the situation persists you may simply need a new flapper. Worst scenario, a new toilet.
  • The metal parts of my toilet are rusted and corroded

    If you see widespread rust or corrosion, this is a sure sign that your toilet is worn out and needs to be replaced.
  • I have water leaking out of the porcelain of my stool

    A leaking toilet doesn’t always mean it’s coming from a seal. You may have fractures in the porcelain around the tank or bowl. Thoroughly inspect it to ensure that you don’t have cracks when you clean. If something heavy or solid falls on the toilet make sure to inspect the area impacted for cracks. 
  • I have standing water around the base of my toilet

    Standing water in any situation is a sure sign of a problem. If you notice standing water around the base of the toilet, the seal may need to be replaced. Putting off repairing it can result in damage to your floor and wasted water, both of which can be costly.
  • My toilet tank or bowl won’t refill with water after flushing

    A toilets tank won’t refill if the fill valve malfunctions. To replace the valve getting the correct one is important. Contact a plumber to make the repair to ensure that the stool will empty and refill reliably. 
  • My toilet flushes a little or not at all

    There is nothing worse than that moment that you really need the toilet to flush and it fails to. 

    If the toilet doesn’t even attempt to flush, something is wrong with the flushing mechanism. We recommend that you leave the repair to an experienced plumber who can repair it with the right parts correctly.
  • My toilet clogs more than once a week 

    Ok, so your toilet may occasionally clog but, if you find that it’s clogging more than once a week, the problem lies with the toilet itself. The parts that manage the flushing mechanism may be worn out or there could be a blockage lying deep in your plumbing.

    Whatever the case may be, you’ll need a professional plumber to replace the parts of the stool itself or dislodge the blockage.

Low Flush Toilets save Water

Now that you know that your toilet does in a way speak, is it time to have your stool inspected or replaced? If so here are a few things that you’ll want to know.
In 1992, U.S. Law mandated that new toilets sold in the United States had to be low flow/flush. Low flow or low flush means that they can consume no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. Although there are many types, most utilize gravity or are pressure-assisted.

A low flow/flush toilet is also referred to as Ultra Low-Flow Toilets or ULFTs. Below are brief descriptions of how they work.
  • Gravity

    Gravity toilets clear the waste, flushing water through the bowl. The minute you push the handle down a flapper is raised and water is released from the tank.
  • Pressure Assisted

    Unlike gravity toilets, pressure-assisted toilets rely on a compressed pocket of air. The compressed air energizes the water that released into the bowl when flushed. Typically a little noisier than gravity-fed they are often more expensive as well.
Older, non-efficient toilets can consume up to 6 gallons of water per flush. Compared to the newer low flush toilets that only use 1.6 gallons per flush, older toilets are such water hogs.

With less water used per flush, a low-flow toilet can save you more than 17,000 gallons of water per year!

Professional Toilet Repair & Replacement

At Apple Plumbing Services our team of plumbers has been repairing, replacing and installing toilets residential and commercial businesses for over 25 years. You could say that we are experts in knowing all the poop about plumbing.
As a family-run business, we put your family and business first. Our simple motto is "Take care of the customer". It's not about selling you more or doing unnecessary work; it's about taking care of your problem, period.
Our plumbers have families of their own and know how they would want them to be treated. It's important to us that when a plumber walks into your home or office that you feel comfortable in their presence. Our plumber will quote the price upfront and do the work that you need.

Our Scottsdale plumbers are also skilled and trained to handle the following plumbing repair, replace or new installation. We are also drain cleaning experts.

Contact the plumbing experts at Apple Plumbing Services today to learn more about what your toilet is saying in your home or office or call (480) 425-8282 today!
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