Hot Water Heaters Don’t Last Forever

by Apple Plumbing • March 14, 2022

… And In Arizona, It Might Seem Like A Hot Minute
In a master bathroom not far from where you’re sitting right now, the sound of singing (kind-of) can be heard over the sound of running water.
Then, a note that sounds more like a howl.
“I dream of Jeannie, with the light brown… AAAUUGH!”

Singing in the
Yes, this is an unpleasant experience which could happen to Anyone, which means that, if you’re Anyone, it could happen to YOU. It’s the sudden failure of your hot water heater, and it happens all-too-often.
What could you do if this happens to you or a loved one, mid-shower, and mid-refrain?
Well, first, don’t panic. You have options. For one thing, the dry non-singing spouse or significant other in the home could boil some water on the stove, and dump it on the wet musical spouse in the shower.
This is not recommended. In fact, for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT do this. Human skin can suffer third-degree burns from just a brief exposure to water over 140 degrees Fahrenheit… so dumping boiling water on someone is considered more an act of violence than of love, and if you exercise this option, some degree (ha!) of relationship discord will undoubtedly ensue.
What other options would you have?
  • Wait for summer. Around here, during our “spicy” summer months, the water enters your home at a comfy 80 degrees, so you could actually shower in the “cold” water coming from your shower head. But again, since summer is some time off, this option may not be practical. You will prune.
  • Go back in time. If you happen to have a time machine in the home, or in a DeLorean parked outside, you’re in luck. Even a twenty minute jump to the past will take you to a time before the water in your shower turned frigid. However, many homes which are equipped with hot water heaters (in any working condition) are NOT equipped with time machines. So practicality is also a concern here. Also note, this is a temporary solution at best.
  • Just go with it. Some people believe cold showers are healthy, even invigorating. Others, of course, believe cold showers suck. If you’re in the former camp, this could be a good option.
  • Stop the music, and stay dirty. Just towel off, and be funky for the foreseeable future. This might be an option for someone who doesn’t have a spouse or significant other in the home to dump hot water on them; in fact, anyone for whom this sounds like a viable option probably does NOT have a significant other in the home, for reasons that will be readily obvious to the rest of us.
Hot Water HeatersBut your best option, by far, is to keep this unpleasant experience from happening in the first place.
As it turns out, due to that fantastic climate that makes us happy to live here, hot water heater replacement time comes all too often in Arizona. The typical life span of a hot water heater here is only 6-8 years.
So if it’s been 6-8 years since you had your hot water heater checked, you should probably get on that. Otherwise, who knows what kind of “hot” idea your significant other might come up with when s/he hears the music end with a howl?
While you’re at it, ask about energy-efficient tankless hot water heaters, as well as other products which can save you a bundle on your home energy costs.

Your friends at Apple Plumbing Services stand ready to help you avoid this AAAUUGH moment. Give us a call, and we’ll happily come out and check YOUR hot water heater, to make sure everything is running smoothly (and warmly). And if it isn’t, fixing the problem will likely cost you less than you might think. Certainly less than the treatments for third degree burns.
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