Can a Dripping Faucet Increase Your Water Bill?

by Apple Plumbing • April 21, 2021
Dripping FaucetWhile the average water bill varies from state to state, most people in the United States spend less than $100 for monthly water usage. As a homeowner, renter or commercial property owner, your water bill is typically the least expensive portion of your total utility costs. It is important to keep this expense as low as possible.

An easy way to do this is by fixing any leaky faucets or showerheads that consistently drip water. Below, our faucet repair and replacement experts answer the following question: Can a dripping faucet increase your water bill? We also offer our most useful tips and tricks for repairing leaky faucets in your home.

How Much Water Does a Dripping Faucet Waste?

Many people ignore the constant drip, drip, drip of water coming from their bathroom or kitchen faucet. Ignoring this problem could result in you wasting thousands of gallons of water each year and could cause your water bill to increase significantly.

The United States Geological Survey created a drip calculator to help you estimate how much water dripping faucets and other plumbing leaks in your home actually waste. According to their research, one gallon of water equals approximately 15,140 drips. One liter of water equals approximately 4,000 drips.

Based on their drip calculator, a home with four faucets at 20 drips per minute would result in 2,777.3 gallons of water wasted per year. If you have a larger home with more faucets, then the amount of water wasted could increase by a huge percentage, causing a spike in your monthly water bill.

What Is the Cost of a Leaky Faucet?

The cost of a leaky faucet depends on the amount of water being wasted. For example, a small leak of 10 drips per minute would waste around 29 gallons per month. A leak of this size would increase your monthly water bill by only a few dollars. However, a larger leak could result in hundreds or thousands of gallons of water being wasted per month. This could cause your monthly water bill to increase by up to 20 dollars per month. That is 240 dollars per year! All for a leaky faucet that you or a plumbing professional could fix with ease.

And don't forget the untold damage a leak can cause to hardwood flooring, cabinets, and even the walls in your home.

How Do I Repair a Dripping Faucet?

If your water bill has increased because of a dripping faucet, then it is important to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. First, you must identify the source of the leak. The most common cause of a dripping faucet is a faulty rubber washer in the faucet handle. To resolve this problem, you can shut off the water to the dripping faucet, unscrew the handle, remove the bad washer and replace it with a new one.

If you cannot determine the source of the faucet leak, then you can always schedule an appointment with an experienced Scottsdale plumber. He or she will come to your home, offer you an assessment of the problem and fix your dripping faucet with speed and efficiency.

Faucet Repair Services Near Scottsdale, Arizona

Do the faucets in your home constantly drip water? Have your dripping faucets caused your water bill to increase significantly? If so, then you should consider looking for faucet repair services near Scottsdale, Arizona.

At Apple Plumbing Services, we provide our customers with expert service at a fair and affordable price. Our plumbers are capable of solving the majority of plumbing problems you may encounter, including a dripping faucet.

Contact us today at (480) 425-8282 to schedule an initial appointment with our local, full-service plumbing company. You can also complete our online contact form to reach out to our team. We look forward to helping you lower your monthly water bill by addressing the dripping faucets, showerheads or running toilet waste in your home.
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