Boats are for Recreation, not for floating from one room to the next!

by Apple Plumbing Services • September 26, 2019
Rubber Duct floating in waterAs a homeowner you’ve probably run into a slow draining sink or bathtub. Perhaps even a clogged drain. Generally you can clear it yourself and presto, things are back to normal.

What happens if all of the drains in your home begin to back up all at once spilling water and well, other stuff all over your floor? Chances are your issue stems from a main line clog in your home or business.

Don’t Panic!

We know in situations like these you may be tempted to panic and run for a life jacket or wish you would have bought that boat, but take it from us, boats are meant for outdoor activities, not floating from one room to another.

Handy Dandy Rooter Guy from Apple Plumbing

If you’re not sure if it’s just a clogged toilet or if it’s your main sewer line we’ve compiled a list of signs that point to issues with your main line.
  • Strong sewage smell emitting from your bathroom
  • Multiple drains are backed up
  • Water overflows into other plumbing fixtures
  • Water in your sewer clean out
  • Gurgling drain
  • Pools of sewage or water in your yard
When you feel like one or more of your fixtures are ganging up against you, it’s time to put down the life jacket and call a professional plumber.

What Causes a Main Line to Clog?

Even though you can’t see it your drains they are all connected and exit out the main sewer line of your home or business. When the main line becomes clogged there’s no place for things in your drains or toilet debris to go so they naturally back up.

There are a number of reasons the line can clog, one of our favorites is Barbie taking a swim down the toilet. Let’s face it sometimes things just happen.
  • Tree Roots
  • Flushing things other than human waste and toilet paper
  • Pouring grease down the drain over an extended period of time
  • Ruptured or broken sewer pipes

Ignoring Blocked Sewage

If you suspect that you have a blockage in your main line, ignoring it comes with dangerous consequences.
  • Mold Damage – Leaking water can seep into walls, floors and ceilings. Overtime that can cause mold.
  • Paving damage – If you have a leaking pipe, overtime it will damage the paving
  • Cracks in foundations & walls – Underground leaks overtime will displace the soil, which in turn will disturb the foundation and cracked walls

Handy Dandy Rooter Guy to the Rescue!

What do you mean by Rooter?

“Rooter” is simply a word used to describe the process of running a cable through your pipe to clear it out. Conventional ways to rooter out a clogged drain problem are commonly known as cabling, snaking or auguring a drain.

When all else fails, let’s Hydro-Jet!

No we’re not referring to jet skiing in your house, remember that’s an outdoor sport. Our Hydro-jet, also known as a sewer jet is a powerful drain cleaning machine. For us it’s one of the coolest tools we own.

Utilizing high-pressure water to clear obstructions in residential and commercial drain pipes, your main line will never know what hit it.

The Hydro-Jetter has a high pressure hose that is wound on a powered reel. Controlled water pressure propels the water jet through the sewer pipe allowing it to remove and wash away any obstructions. The powered reel allows the operator to safely retract the hose.

The cool part about our Hydro-Jetter is that in addition to removing the obstruction from your main line, you get bragging rights to the cleanest pipes in the hood.

We Specialize in Water Rescues!

Apple Plumbing Service has been providing plumbing services for homes and businesses in Scottsdale, AZ for over 25 years.

For potential main line issues our experienced team carefully inspects each system to determine the cause of the backup and proceed from there.

From simple clogs using conventional snaking methods to introducing your pipes to our Hydro-Jetter for the cleaning of its life, we’ll have your pipes draining freely and your boat docked on Saguaro Lake in no time.

Contact Apple Plumbing Services for all of your residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning needs or call (480) 425-8282 today!
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