Apple Plumbing Services knows all about “but’s”!

by Apple Plumbing Services • July 25, 2019
Apple Plumbing Solutions to the rescueWe know what you're thinking; there's a missing "t" in "buts." Rest assured that we don't specialize in plumbers butts rather, professional plumbing solutions for those "but’s" that we hear often.

The "but’s" we are talking about are…
  • But it only happens once in a while
  • But it was just dripping a little
  • But I thought bones were ok to stick down the garbage disposal
  • But it's always sounded like that
  • But I've already had a plumber look at it, and they couldn't figure it out
At Apple Plumbing Services, we've been providing answers and solutions to residential and commercial "buts" for over 25 years.

From installation to repairs for just about anything that requires water, chews up food, heats your shower and flushes the inevitable you could say "buts" are ingrained in our brains.

But I've already had a Plumber look at it!

Nothing worse than hiring a plumber to come out and they can't seem to find a solution, but they always seem to find the bill.

Our very own "Sherlock" of plumbing, Randy is known for his ability to solve plumbing solutions that others can't.

Now don't expect Randy to show up in a deerstalker hat, Inverness cape holding a Calabash pipe pacing and pondering the situation, instead, you will find him arriving on site with the proper tools, lots experience and ingenuity, ready to investigate and solve your plumbing issue once and for all.

Common Plumbing Problems we Solve…No If's, And's or But's!

From garbage disposals to faucet repair and replacement to water heaters and clogged drains, no if's, and's or but's about it, Apple Plumbing Services can help!
  • Got a drip that's driving you crazy? We can help!
  • Leaky Pipes, Apple Plumbing to the rescue!
  • Running Toilets, shoot we'll catch them for you!
  • Leaking hose bib, say what?
  • Slow or clogged drains, my kingdom for Super Hydro-Jet!
  • Cold showers, we put the "H" in Hot
  • Standing in two inches of water when you shower? We put the "D" and "C" in Drain Cleaning!
  • You dropped what in the Toilet? No worries, we'll go fishing for you!
  • Main water line, we can help G.I. Joe and friends escape!
  • Reverse Osmosis, remove those harmful impurities!
  • Garbage disposals, no they are not supposed to sound like a dinosaur chewing on a car
Contact Apple Plumbing Services to learn more about our "Sherlock Holmes" techniques at (480)425-8282 today!
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Yes, We are Open!

Apple Plumbing Services is open and providing residential and commercial plumbing services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler, AZ.

As a family-run business, we have always put your family and business first!

During this unprecedented time, we are doing everything we can to keep our technicians and our customers safe while providing essential plumbing services to our customers.

We have provided each of our technicians with safety kits. The kits include masks, hand sanitizer, bleach spray, antibacterial cleaner, and gloves.

When our technicians enter your home, they will be wearing a face mask and donning gloves. After their work is complete, they will wipe everything down with an antibacterial cleaner, and if the customer approves, we will also spray the area with bleach.

We are ready, willing, and able to serve the needs of the community while following the recommended precautions of distancing and cleanliness.

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