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Should I Shut off my Water when I go on Vacation?

by Apple Plumbing Services • June, 25, 2020
Our Vacation Valve is simply the main shutoff valve that allows you to control the water inside your home while leaving the outside landscaping and pool filler lines on. more...

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Is your Recycling Bin filled with Water Bottles?

by Apple Plumbing Services • May, 30, 2020
Have you noticed how quickly your recycle bin is filling up with water bottles? more...

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Stuck at Home with a leaking water heater?

by Apple Plumbing Services • April, 22, 2020
From the dangers of slipping and falling and water damage, a leaking water heater has the potential to be dangerous and in some cases, deadly. more...

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To Shower in cold water or not to Shower, that is the Question!

by Apple Plumbing Services • February, 20, 2020
Did you know that most water heaters last between 10-15 years? more...

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If Toilets could talk what would yours say?

by Apple Plumbing Services • January, 16, 2020
If you thought you were glad that the holidays are over, imagine what your toilet is saying. more...

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Down through the Chimney comes Apple Plumbing!

by Apple Plumbing Services • December, 19, 2019
Give me a faucet that won’t leak. One that will turn off and on without a peep. Ho, Ho, Ho! My faucets a mess! more...

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Garbage Disposals & Turkey bones for the Holidays

by Apple Plumbing Services • November, 27, 2019
Disposals typically work so well at crushing just about everything that we throw at it. Make no bones about it, the carcass goes in the trash. more...

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Calcium + Magnesium = Hard Water

by Apple Plumbing Services • October, 24, 2019
Compared to the amount of salt a water softener adds, it's negligible compared to the amount of salt that you can find in a diet soda. more...

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Boats are for Recreation, not for floating from one room to the next!

by Apple Plumbing Services • September, 26, 2019
Strong sewage smells emitting from your bathroom and multiple fixtures backing up could be a sign you have a mainline issue. more...

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There’s a Man Outside my Kitchen Window with a Jackhammer!

by Apple Plumbing Services • August, 29, 2019
There are several items that should never be put down the disposal, of course one of them is little men with jackhammers. more...

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Apple Plumbing Services knows all about “but’s”!

by Apple Plumbing Services • July, 25, 2019
Nothing worse than hiring a plumber to come out and they can't seem to fix the problem. more...

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Our Very First, Crappy Blog Post!

by Apple Plumbing Services • May, 23, 2019
The inventor of the flushing toilet is John Harrington. He invented the toilet in 1596. Thus the nickname “the John.” more...

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